Step through the execution of a model

You can see exactly what is happening throughout the execution of your process and case models.  Step through one activity at a time and see what elements become available.  There are step points at the start and end of every activity, allowing you to inspect the state of variables and model activation both before and after any step is executed.

View, update and trigger items

At any time, inspect the details of the current state to see and navigate the execution tree for complex, nested models.  View and edit variable values, allowing your execution to continue, or to experiment with different outcomes.  See what timers and other events exist, triggering them manually instead of having to wait for time to pass or an external event to occur.


Set breakpoints and skip tasks

At any point after recording a test run, set breakpoints to jump to instead of having to step through every activity.  Powerful for debugging event-driven models, to be able to inspect the execution before or after an event occurs.  Use a skip action combined with setting variable values to mock execution of service tasks. Switch the current user to simulate another user performing actions, switching as many times as needed throughout the recording of a test.

Test suites of processes and cases

Record multiple test runs that can be played back again and again.  Capture additional test actions to validate a test as it runs, to create a full test suite, just like you would do for unit tests in software code.  Tests can be re-run through the user interface or using the API, with all user input fully replayed without needing any UI.  See at a glance if any tests fail and where and why they failed.  Create test users as well, to ensure tests can be self-contained and shareable.

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