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We are known for pushing technology forward at all levels in business process and case management, from the embeddable core process engines all the way to how people can interact with process-rich applications. A unique blend of control and engagement







Blend informal chat and structured processes

  • Manage many customer conversations
  • Track, nudge and remind
  • Introduce experts and others to a chat
  • Personal guidance through complex procedures
  • Design custom bots by drag & drop
  • Use open standards to model chat processes and cases
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Flexible and adaptive business process management

  • Model your business with Cases, Processes, Decisions and Forms
  • Rapidly deliver complete applications driven by these models
  • Handle complex scenarios with dynamic and adaptive case management
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Compact and efficient open source business process engines

  • Highly efficient workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) engines for developers, system admins and business users.
  • Lightning fast, tried and tested BPMN 2 process engine
  • Many years of real world use to give reliable process execution
  • Innovative dynamic process management
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Innovating to keep your digital operations ahead of the market

 Client Lifecycle Management

Benefit from fast self-onboarding and sophisticated enhanced due diligence. A single platform to conduct periodic reviews and execute client service processes. Efficient offboarding and compliance for switching of payment accounts.


Blend human and machine to provide the best possible advice to your client. Accompany your client in realizing their financial goals and personal vision. Tailor product recommendations and investment proposals that comply with cross-border rules and regulations.

Bank Process Automation

Increase straight through processing of client self service requests, such as new product subscriptions or static data changes. Standardize and facilitate interdisciplinary works across credit application or unstructured payment execution.

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