Advanced forms for presenting and collecting data

Capturing information from people is often a key part of any business process or case. Flowable Forms is a JavaScript React library for displaying and recording simple and complex forms.

Embed Flowable Forms into your own website or application

The JavaScript library is already built in to the Flowable applications, but is designed to be easily embedded in your own custom application or website. Expose the full layout capabilities and sophisticated dynamic interactions possible.

Preview Forms at design time

Flowable Forms is embedded in Flowable Design so that forms being designed can be instantly previewed. The library has rich expressions for describing dynamic interaction between form fields and the preview allows you to test these out with mock data.

Rich form components

A wide range of form components is available out of the box, with the ability to extend these components or even add completely custom components. All the components are documented with examples of their use.

Component storybook

A storybook for all the components is available to make it easy to see how the different capabilities of the components look and work. Experiment with settings to get a quick understanding of a component’s potential.

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