You can develop, grow and succeed at Flowable. We’re a young and agile company, driven by strong values and a passion to improve the world with great technology.

About Flowable

Flowable is a global company specializing in the digital transformation of business processes. We provide an innovative product related to intelligent automation, business process management (BPM) and adaptive case management (ACM).

Our passion is to develop an integrated, flexible, extensible and powerful platform which can be used in variety of industries.

Our offices are located around the world with further expansion planned. It is an exciting time to be closely working with clients and overcoming today’s business challenges. Join us now and become a part of our team!

We offer many different opportunities to join Flowable. For you as a potential candidate, this means a broad range of exciting positions within an interesting and developing work environment and lots of possibilities to grow and to develop further.

Careers at Flowable

Learn and grow in a dynamic and flexible work environment

  • Great company events
  • Continuous training opportunities
  • Opportunities to make a real impact
  • Dynamic and fun working environment in a passionate team of open-source lovers
  • Flexible working terms & conditions. E.g. flextime, home office, choose your own device

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Hiring Process


Recruiter Interview ➜

1st Interview

In this interview we will give you an overview of the company, the role and its context. We will discuss your motivations, expectations and career background and we will give you space to ask as many questions as you have.

Technical Interview ➜

2nd Interview

This stage is about your hard skills related to the position. You will also get detailed insight into our technical environment and way of working. Depending on the role, we might ask you to solve a practical case.

Management Interview

3rd Interview

With this interview we want to make sure both parties have all the information needed before making a final decision. For example this might include discussion of specific tasks, career development and other expectations.

Open Positions

Solution Architect

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

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Full-Stack Developer

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

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Solution Consultant

Location: Zürich, Switzerland

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Backend Software Engineer

Location: Valencia, Spain

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Enterprise Account Executive

Location: Zürich, Switzerland

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BPM Software Engineer (m/f/d)

Location: Munich or Stuttgart, Germany

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Business Process Modeler & Requirements Engineer

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

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Spontaneous applications

We welcome spontaneous applications from professionals in any field. Please write us at

Partner companies

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Meet Some of Your Potential New Colleagues

Would you like to learn more about your potential new colleagues? Read what some of our employees are saying about working at Flowable.


1) What makes Flowable special?

Flowable is much more than a company. Flowable, as an open-source project, has an impact on many people’s lives far beyond business. This is only possible thanks to a committed community and a great team of excellent and passionate engineers.

2) What makes your day positive at Flowable?

The people. All of them except… just kidding 😄. Our working atmosphere is great and that what makes my day to day very positive. We are an intercultural team and we get on very well with each other, despite of the physical distance we have sometimes.
I also like that our challenges are good balanced: they are interesting and demanding, but affordable. That’s why it’s very satisfying every time you reach a goal!

What I like to say about the team that we are building at Flowable is that it’s the kind of people you’d want to be with in the event of a sudden zombie apocalypse 🧟‍♂‍🧟‍♀‍. When things go south, you want to be with the most good-hearted, brave and trustworthy people you know, don’t you?

3) What made you grow in your job at Flowable?

At Flowable, it is your choice to grow as a professional. YMMV but normally, pro-activity is recognized with career development and new and challenging responsibilities.
In my case, I started here as a backend developer in the Product Team. Then I had the chance to move to Solutions, where I was able to take over team-leading responsibilities. Now I’m part of the Consulting Team, where we specialize in providing trainings, workshops, project support and expert Flowable advise to our customers. In my case, growing as a professional meant getting closer to the customers keeping my technical profile. It was possible and we made it happen.


1) What makes Flowable special?

As a Flowable employee I feel that I am very close to the Product Team. The product team listens to your input coming from real use cases and due to that we can have a direct impact to the product.

2) What makes your day positive at Flowable?

For me, at Flowable it has been the first time I have worked with Swiss clients. I have learned a lot about the Swiss way of working but I also received a lot of inside information how to explore this beautiful country which I would like to share with you once you start working with us.

3) What made you grow in your job at Flowable?

From the very beginning of my first project I was trusted and received lots of responsibilities which made me feel appreciated and fully valued.


1) What makes Flowable special?

  • Ample office space & pleasant working atmosphere
  • Great colleagues, I can imagine to drink a beer with all my colleagues after work
  • Readiness to help among each other
  • Hierarchy and title are not important

2) What makes your day positive at Flowable?

  • Cooperation within my team
  • Flexible working hours
  • Home Office
  • Free choice of devices / use of own device

3) What made you grow on your job at Flowable?

  • In my four years at Flowable I worked in different projects, therefore I got an insight into many different areas
  • Every day we learn a lot of new things / we grow
  • Our tasks are diverse and interesting


1) What makes Flowable special?

  • People working at Flowable
  • There is a lot of support in the team
  • Great atmosphere (nice team events, very authentic)
  • A big variety of job tasks (a big variety of business use cases)
  • Opportunity to grow personally and on the job
  • Latest technical stack
  • Modern working conditions (home office, etc.) with a great trust from Management

2) What makes your day positive at Flowable?

  • Less administrative tasks than in big organisations, can go directly to the point of the task and achieve the goal faster
  • Flat hierarchy – faster approach
  • Committed co-workers make cooperation easier
  • Great support from supervisor

3) What made you grow in your job at Flowable?

  • Interactions with the clients
  • Working on latest technical stack: I was given the chance to learn the latest technologies
  • Mentoring opportunity (mentoring team mates or people from other teams) made me learn how to become more outgoing and share my knowledge (at Flowfest event, contribution on the Flowable Forums)


1) What makes Flowable special?

  • Young company, dynamic structure and young employees
  • Employees are very motivated and supportive
  • Dynamic environment: choose your own device, you can bring in your ideas for every day’s cooperation, depending on your know how and availability you can get involved in all sorts of tasks
  • High freedom with high responsibility

2) What makes your day positive at Flowable?

  • Great team spirit within project team
  • Highly motivated colleagues
  • New challenges every day
  • Customer focus & product proximity
  • High competence level
  • Trust from management team

3) What made you grow on your job at Flowable?

  • I have learned more on the job in the last 18 months at Flowable than at any other previous employers.
  • You have to make situational and fast decisions and like this you learn automatically many new things every day
  • Due to different assignments at various clients’ you learn how to become flexible and how to work with different set-ups

Culture and Values of the Flowable Group


We have a hungry mind

We are agile

We go the extra mile

We offer freedom with responsibility

We count on people, not titles