Guarantee the best performance for your company through impressive service and ideal processes. Learn more in the how to guide.

In this how to guide, we use recent surveys to show you why the use of messenger services is so important for customer communication and how companies and customers benefit from mobile solutions. Eine Checkliste gibt Ihnen abschließend einen Überblick über alle  To-Do´s auf dem Weg zum Messenger-Einsatz.

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Billions of users rely on messengers – why not you?


Our how to guide shows you how successful customer service works. Download it now including checklist.

Today, customer service is the top success factor for businesses. That’s why more and more companies are turning to mobile solutions like WhatsApp for Business.

Learn how to delight your customers and improve your service quality with our how to guide now.


What you can expect in the how to guide


Your must-haves for customer service

  • Personal communication
  • Timely reaction and response
  • Efficient advice
  • Ready availability

Your solution for digital communication

  • Best practices
  • Flowable Engage
  • Your personal checklist
  • Further Information

How to guide: Revolutionize customer service and increase process quality with messenger services

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Flowable Engage is just one way to turn your core strengths into a digital advantage.

Flowable Engage makes your customer communication personal, efficient and legally compliant via messengers.