The trilogy of BPMN, CMMN, DMN makes it possible

Efficient business processes form the basis of every business activity and can be decisive in the competition for customers. Digitalization and automation play a leading role in this regard. It is therefore helpful to use a platform that can flexibly cover all business processes.



Optimally matched – efficient in use

Digital solutions, optimized processes, automated systems: By using these future-oriented technologies and trusting in comprehensive expertise, companies can reach the next level.

Flowable delivers all this: With its versatile solutions based on the modeling standards BMPN, CMMN and DMN Flowable provides individual solutions. The combination of business process, case and decision management allows companies to model their business processes flexibly and multi-dimensionally. With Flowable, you can implement the perfect application for your workflows within a brief period of time and create customer interactions that will give you a competitive edge.

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Business Process Management

You want stable and reliable business processes? With Flowable you can standardize, automate, and digitalize your processes. The powerful Flowable process engine is based on the latest business process model BPMN 2.0.

  • Benefit from enhanced processes for your company.

Case Management

Are you looking for a way to model dynamic business processes? With Flowable you will also find solutions for non-structured or individual processes – intelligent automation included. The powerful Flowable process engine is based on the latest modeling standard CMMN 1.1.

  • For individual Case Management according to your ideas.

Decision Management

Do you want to model decision rules and combine them as required? With Flowable you get a comprehensive toolset for your individual requirements. The powerful Flowable process engine is based on the latest notation standard DMN 1.2.

  • With DMN your company reaches the next level of digital business processes.


Revolutionize your business with Flowable

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With BPMN, CMMN and DMN Flowable makes your processes customer-oriented and traceable.

Onboarding, order processing, purchase or administration processes – with Flowable your enterprise benefits from individual solutions.