Flowable Platform is the ideal case and process hub for your own digital platform or application. Popular with OEM customers and custom user interface developers.

If you’re looking for more than just the raw case and process engines of Flowable Core, but still want a headless API service solution, then Flowable Platform is the answer.

Flowable Platform provides additional services and capabilities that most solutions need so saves you time and resource over building them yourself. All the capabilities Flowable Platform offers are available with a rich user application framework in Flowable Work.

Indexed case and process data

Todays digital solutions need to be able to bring together different data in different ways rapidly at any scale. This can be for highly interactive user interfaces or for information aggregation, such as for monitoring or analytics. Flowable Platform offers advanced APIs that combine data from multiple sources within the Flowable engines to give you complex responses in lightening fast time at any scale.

Document generation and content templates

Create PDFs or Office documents from templates as part of a case or process. Collect information from users or systems and use the powerful expression language to include this in your generated document. Content templates can also be used to define standard content for emails and other textual services. These templates support the idea of variations, so different texts can be used in different contexts: most often used for multiple language variants.

Anatomy of a Case Management Solution


The heart of the product is a case.  Using the visual designer it is possible to define the events that trigger different processes and tasks.  The lifecycle of a case is represented by Stages that allow you to break the business problem down into a set of phases to resolve a case.

Process Definitions

Process definitions can be used to model best practice or mandatory procedures.

They describe the tasks and steps that must be followed, including collecting information from people and interacting with other computer systems and services.

Decision Tables

Decision tables provide a way to define business rules in a simple spreadsheet style.

The rules can evaluate input data to infer new data, such as for credit scoring, security rating and customer discounting.

Exchanging Information

Exchanging information with a person is often best done using forms.

Complex forms, with nested subforms, dynamic behavior and rich layout can be visually designed.  These forms can be displayed within the Flowable user application.

Flowable Design and Flowable Forms

Flowable Platform includes Flowable Design to give enhanced model editing and advanced forms. With additional validation and advanced model design tools, create and edit processes, cases and decision tables more quickly and easily.

The advanced forms design provides complex layout of form controls as well as additional form components, including nested and repeating subforms. A rich JavaScript library, Flowable Forms, enables the advanced form models to be rendered in your own web applications.

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