Flowable is our open-source BPM platform consisting of a set of fast and scalable engines and corresponding UI applications for doing business process, case and decision management.  Its community is made up of people from all over the world who are pushing the capabilities of the project further every day.

The engines are designed to run in any environment: plain Java, Spring, JEE, standalone REST server, cluster or in a micro-service, using Docker or any cloud platform out there.

Are you a long-time Flowable user or are you simply intrigued? Join us for an evening (/night) of talking about and hacking on Flowable.

A crazy idea. A prototype. A useful, much-missed feature. A bug that has been nagging at you for a while. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an expert … anything goes! And on top of that, Flowable Core developers and project founders Tijs Rademakers and Joram Barrez will be around to make sure you’ve got all the help you need.

We’ll start with a short Flowable introduction, followed by throwing ideas for the hackathon at each other. Once the dust settles and teams are made, the hacking starts.

We at edorasware will be providing the location, and most importantly, the pizza and beer (or non-alcoholic beverages). The only thing you need to bring with you is your laptop. All coding will be done on GitHub.

Please register here: https://www.eventbrite.es/e/registro-flowable-hackaton-42710521319



Recently, we released version 2.0 of our Case Management platform, edoras one.  One of the most significant new features is the experimental support of DMN standard Decision Tables.  Experimental, because this is the first release we’ve made them available, but they will soon become a meaningful part of many processes and cases.  Decision Tables bring a business user friendly way of working with business rules.  Looking like a spreadsheet, they allow complex conditions to be evaluated and conclusions to be determined.  Instead of decision logic being hidden for users in code or expressions, Decision Tables make it very easy to both describe and understand the rules being evaluated.  The use of Decision Tables will grow throughout many aspects of capturing a business problem, so it’s worth getting some experience with them: you’ll be able to get many benefits from them in future updates.


With edoras one 2.0, we finally bring a new public contract for our REST API.  This builds on what we’ve learned with our internal REST APIs, giving everyone a simple, consistent, flexible and stable interface to the edoras one platform. The scope of the new REST API is too wide to go into detail here, but from creating a case and taking it through its full life-cycle, to making queries on all items that make up an edoras one solution, we have it well covered.

Spring Java

A significant change has been made to the configuration API.  Up until now, we have used the traditional Spring XML method of configuring an edoras one system.  With 2.0 we have moved to the more modern and flexible Spring Java method (with fall-back to XML if needed).  This makes it much clearer as to what the supported configuration points are, as well as ensuring stability over releases, and included some new configuration properties, such as controlling CORS for security.  We also took this opportunity to rationalize the configuration property names and groupings, again, to make life clearer and simpler for solution builders.

New Work Objects Java API

A new Public Java API for Work Objects is available for the first time.  Apart from being formally supported, this API brings many enhancements to the previous internal APIs, including a unified value interface and stable set of serializable datatypes.  Something we heard a lot from developers implementing solutions was that the previous typed IDs added a layer of complexity.  In 2.0, these are all plain strings, making them much easier to work with.  There are a few other simplifications to the APIs, including new Java time classes for timestamps, and a single interface for all Work Object types.

Simplified Tenant

We have also simplified tenant handling, so the system now always runs as potentially multi-tenant, with the default of just one tenant.  Previously, there was more work needed to configure the different tenant modes.

Front-end API improvements

The front-end API has also had some additions, once again driven by feedback from customers and projects.  From new events and stable command sequences, to easier control over CSS styles, we’re trying to extend the flexibility of customizing the user interface.  There’s also ways to control what elements of the UI are loaded, so if you’re embedding the edoras one UI in your own UI, you can control what is actually loaded based on your needs.

Form components redesign

Staying with the UI, we have completely updated the form components that provide select and autocomplete functionality.  There are new components that are more configurable and consistent.  Existing forms are automatically migrated to the new components.

Better E-Mail support

Working with mail is much easier now, with additional capabilities to switch mail models dynamically (for example, depending on some choice earlier in a process).  There is also a new Email Service Task available for CMMN cases.

Library update

We’ve upgraded several key libraries as part of this release. We no longer use the Activiti libraries, but the much more powerful Flowable Core 6.1.2.  Elasticsearch has also been upgraded to version 5.  As Java 7 is no longer supported, we have switched to Java 8.  Another key update is Spring, which is now 4.3.7.  Naturally, there’s a whole set up library updates beyond these key ones, all of which are documented in the upgrade notes.

You will find more information about the release 2.0 in the documentation.

Zurich, July 2017 – Flowable announced the expansion of its Spanish business, Flowable.sl, in Valencia as part of its internationalization strategy. Flowable is investing in additional staff and in new product technologies at this location to strengthen its position in the Spanish market, as well as to continue its global growth strategy. With over 30 employees already in Spain with a wide experience across major business areas and deep knowledge in business process management, Flowable is in an excellent position to benefit from the new opportunities opening up in a number of Spanish business sectors.

As previously reported, Flowable acquired the core team of Flowable in April. (Flowable is an open source Business Process Management technology (BPM), evolved from the open source ACTIVITI project that was previously developed by core Flowable engineers.)

“Flowable has been demonstrating sustained growth and good profitability for several years. With the combination of edoras one and the Flowable opensource solution, we are technically outstanding. In addition to banking and insurance solutions, we are also investing in other sector solutions, “says Jürg Graf, CEO Flowable.

Micha Kiener, founder and CTO adds: “Given our initial situation, we see a wide range of business opportunities in Spain, especially in the digitalisation area. Our goal is to establish ourselves as the most innovative provider of digital solutions in the international market in the long term. The foundations and preconditions for this are created in Spain.”

About Flowable ag

Flowable, based in Switzerland, digitalizes processes: Flowable develops innovative solutions in the area of ​​Business Process Management (BPM) and Adaptive Case Management (ACM). With great passion and commitment, the company accompanies their customers through the digital transformation of their complex business processes. With years of experience in the BPM domain for customer projects and product development, Flowable offers versatile, user-friendly and efficient solutions for various sectors and industries.

Especially in the area of ​​banking, insurance and service providers, numerous, well-known customers use the edoras one platform. The aim is, in addition to the multiplication of the solutions in the existing sectors, to address new industries. In addition to the core market in Switzerland, customers are also to be acquired in Europe and opportunistically globally. Love your work!

We are pleased to inform you that we won the bpmNEXT “Rising Star” award with Flowable for our first year attending and presenting at the conference.

The annual event in Santa Barbara, California is the world’s most important conference for BPM software vendors to show their latest innovations. Flowable, with edorasware, was recognized for its innovative dynamic process technology. Conference attendees were impressed by the ability of the new technology to inject additional processes into individual running processes.

“As customer engagement and competition gain criticality, people and systems need to get much smarter at dealing with situations the real-world throws up,” says Paul Holmes-Higgin, edorasware Chief Product Officer, describing the drivers for the innovation. “You can’t envisage all possibilities when defining a business process, and this technology enables a user or system to dynamically adapt an individual workflow for the case in hand. In a landscape of IoT, AI and chatbots, this kind of flexibility is essential.”

The coveted bpmNEXT “Rising Star” award presented to edorasware is based on voting by the conference attendees, a validation for Holmes-Higgin of the innovation of this new technology. “This just wasn’t feasible at scale with previous generations of BPM technology, and I think we surprised our audience with the ability of Flowable to do this, along with the future potential it offers.”

Flowable and edorasware have combined to bring innovative technology to the global market, creating a greater potential than the sum of its parts. This will enable edorasware to expand into new business sectors as well as outside its main market in Switzerland, with customers from across Europe and worldwide.

Love your work!

We are pleased to announce that Paul Holmes-Higgin has been appointed as Chief Product Officer (CPO). This highlights our focus and investment in technology solutions to address the growing transformation needs in today’s digital world.

Paul Holmes-Higgin previously co-founded Alfresco and served there as chief product officer and vice president of engineering, and has held positions at Documentum and Resumix. His early career was in academic research applying Artificial Intelligence to document and language analysis, where he gained a PhD.

As CPO, he will oversee product management and engineering across Flowable’s entire technology portfolio of business process and case management solutions for enterprises and institutions. With Paul we also hire the Flowable core team. Especially through their support we will enable organizations to meet the challenges of digital transformation. Flowable gives us the opportunity to build a new dynamic, global company.

Here the statement of Micha Kiener, founder and CTO: “We are excited to bring our two organizations together. The technical experience the Flowable team brings will enable us to scale to address and service the world-wide market more rapidly. At Flowable, we have a number of globally recognized brands as customers of our case management offering, and have been looking to expand our product portfolio and reach. The Flowable team will allow us innovate more deeply and quickly, to realize our shared passion of giving our users the platform to dramatically increase their value to their organization. Harnessing and cultivating the power of the community around the open source Flowable project ensures that some of the smartest brains on the planet are collaborating to enhance the technology.”

For many years Flowable and Flowable worked successfully together and the case management technology has proven already its potential in a number of global businesses. With Flowable’s widely recognized fast, scalable and dynamic Business Process Management technology, we see combining our activities as a significant multiplier of our individual capabilities, giving our customers the unique benefit of exploiting the full spectrum of capabilities from dynamic BPM to adaptive case management.

There are five key technologies we combine on our platform: case management; dynamic processes; analytics; content and artificial intelligence. In today’s highly competitive environment, you need to be able to leverage best practice, but not be constrained by it, all the while meeting compliance and governance demands. Our customers need to feel you are focused on them individually and are exceeding the service they expect. Flowable provides the platform that enables you to deliver that.

Flowable is an Open Source Business Process Management (BPM) technology derived from the Open Source ACTIVITI project, architected and developed by the core Flowable engineers. Support subscriptions for Flowable are available immediately through Flowable.

Our vision is to enable flexibility in getting work done efficiently, all the time making sure that compliant processes and best practices are followed. Love your work and make your customers love you!

To further improve our product quality and support of our edoras one software releases, we are planning to introduce a new release schedule. The upcoming release 1.6 will be the last software version that we provide as a bi-weekly (recently tri-weekly) software update.

Starting with the release 2.0, planned for mid 2017, we have defined a release schedule that is decoupled from our internal product engineering sprints.

With this change, we intend to:

Improve our service and support: less release baselines, clearer structure and patch releases, that only fix bugs and do not introduce new features.
Increase the quality of our General Availability (GA, stable) releases.
Make the availability of new features more predictable.
A new approach
The Scrum sprints provide a framework for agile development, with an explicit focus on improving the software delivery process itself – it’s about the team. One of the pillars of agile development is to deliver in increments and deliver stable software in each iteration.

Until now, we’ve shipped this software each iteration (sprint) to you. This frequent shipping has some internal and external drawbacks that we intend to eliminate with the forthcoming change.

Therefore, we implement the following changes:

Decouple our internal development sprints from the release of GA versions.
Limit the amount of supported GA releases (baselines).

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