Flowable 3.6 introduces a number of significant new business features as well as infrastructure services. There are also incremental improvements to the user interfaces and existing capabilities to make it easier and quicker to develop user-centered or system-driven business process and case management solutions.


Frictionless Integration with Innovative Architectures

A new foundation service, the Event Registry, provides business events to the modeler, without them needing to know any of the underlying technical details. This “No Code” integration with event services allows processes and cases to seamlessly react and interplay with event streams from Kafka, ActiveMQ/JMS and RabbitMQ. In this way, Flowable can be integrated even more easily to emerging and innovative architectures and applications.

Seamless Office Integration

It is now possible edit documents directly from Flowable using one´s desktop Microsoft Office applications. There is no need to download and upload files, as one can open, edit and save directly into the versioned content repository in Flowable.

Improved User Experience

The modeling application, Flowable Design, has a new user experience that reduces the number of screens and clicks needed to create applications and their models. With advanced filtering and the ability to edit all models in the same tabbed workspace, it’s now a much simpler way of working.

Live Integration with Active Directory and LDAP

Connecting to one´s user management has become even easier with the option to go direct for authentication and authorization instead of synchronizing user and group details from Active Directory or LDAP.

Documentation: New Look and Feel

Our documentation has a new look and is now organized to make it easier to find information. On documentation.flowable.com it is possible to have a look at it. The old documentation is still available.

As well as these major enhancements, there are a large number of other improvements that extend the flexibility and capability of Flowable. All the details can be found in the Release Notes online.

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