Drive Customer Retention and Acquisition

Today a familiarity with modern technology has changed your customer’s expectations. No longer are they willing to put up with bad experiences, delivered by unconnected systems and outdated technology. Organizations need to rethink how they deliver outstanding customer experience to retain existing customers and attract new customers from the competition.

Delivering Intelligent Business Automation solutions allows you to:

  • Connect disparate systems and sources of information to provide a single view of your customers
  • Provide you employees with all the information they need to make better decisions, allowing them to respond faster and more accurately
  • Dramatically reduce the time it takes to respond to customer requests


Deliver Operational Excellence

Using Flowable to deliver Intelligent Business Automation applications should be part of your Digital Transformation strategy. Using companywide business applications to drive business efficiencies, reducing working costs and focusing on customer interaction helps companies achieve operation excellence. With Flowable you can:

  • Break down the barriers between systems, groups and departments to drive companywide efficiencies
  • Monitor and track activities using powerful analysis tools and heat-maps to identify bottlenecks. Allowing you to evolve applications over time to improve efficacies and reduce the time to complete a busines activity
  • Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to automate routine tasks, freeing employees to address more valuable activities
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Increase Business Agility

Flowable provides a model driven approach to building Intelligent Business Automation application. Using the latest no-code, visual design tools using industry standards (including BPMN, CMMN and DMN standards). With Flowable your team can:

  • Rapidly design, build and deploy Intelligent Business Automation applications that span multiple departments to address business need
  • Use modular design to build common elements that can be reused across multiple applications, reducing the time and effort of building application and ensuring consistency between business solutions
  • Use industry standards to eliminate the need to learn outdated, proprietary coding languages and techniques

This allows your team to deliver flexible business applications faster that can change as business needs evolve over time.

Enforce Business Compliance

Companies are under pressure to adhere to greater compliance requirements. Whether these are driven by government legislation or come from industry bodies. In addition, IT need to make sure that the system they deliver are fit for purpose; making sure that as applications are updated, they do not introduce issue that negatively affect the business. Flowable helps organizations to address compliance and governance requirements by:

  • Powerful Content Management features automatically creates documents to record activities and actions
  • Using a module design to applications that allow individual components to be updated, removing the complexity and risk of updating large, monolithic applications
  • Providing robust testing features, build repeatable automating testing scripts that allow you to quickly test and deploy updated modules
Flowable helps organizations deliver business advantage by enabling them to build and deploy Intelligent Business Automation solutions. Typical applications include:


  • Case Management: Companies have to deal with different types of case, from customer onboarding, fraud investigation to employment disputes; the types of case are endless. Learn how Intelligent Business Automation can help address your Case Management needs
  • Conversational Banking: Many organizations now use online communications solutions to build a relationship with their customers. Learn how the financial services industry is using Conversational Banking solutions to help drive a better customer experience
  • Business Orchestration: Flowable makes it easy for IT to build applications that span multiple business applications, connecting disparate microservices and speed the flow of information and activities across the organization. Centralized Business Orchestration enables IT to roll out new, innovative business application faster and at a lower cost

Benefit from perfect Business Process Management with Flowable

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With BPMN, CMMN and DMN Flowable makes your processes customer-oriented and traceable.

Onboarding, order processing, purchase or administration processes – with Flowable your enterprise benefits from individual solutions.