Advanced business model design at the drop of a mouse

Create models of cases, process and forms with all the advanced editing features that help make that easy and consistent. Flowable Design is the solution for working on your own models or collaboratively as part of a business modeling team.

Model Library

Flowable Design has a built in model repository that allows you to share models within your team or organization. This enables reuse of expertise already captured in business models and helps avoid constant reinvention of business processes. The model repository also maintains previous versions, so it’s always possible to go back to an earlier snapshot of a model.

Sophisticated visual editor for BPMN, CMMN and DMN

Create and edit cases and processes using an intuitive visual editor within your browser. The full modeling power of the open BPMN, CMMN and DMN standards is available, with additional tools to help validate and manage even the largest models.

Compare model versions visually

See what’s changed between versions of a model with the ‘diff’ comparison tool that highlights what has changed between specific versions of a model. Vital when a team is collaborating on model development, so a modeler can see what may have changed since they last worked on it.

Quickly define form layouts and form models

Flowable Design can create complex form models to be managed by Flowable Forms. Using the same model repository capabilities of sharing and reuse, with rich visual layout and configuration editing, creating forms is fast and easy. Forms can even be live previewed and debugged within Flowable Design. See Flowable Forms for more.

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