Innovate and be compliant at the same time

You’re under pressure from all sides. Regulatory burdens are growing. Clients expect better service but offer less loyalty. New technologies hold promise, but are risky to implement. All of these challenges are compounded by shrinking margins and disruptive competition from born-digital upstarts.

Master your challenges and innovate with Flowable Engage, a platform for conversational banking that brings regulatory compliance and enhanced services to the chat programs that clients are already using with their account managers.

How it works

Clients chat with your bank using WeChat, WhatsApp and other popular or custom chat apps. Flowable Engage works in the background to ensure:

  • Compliance, diligence and consistency
  • Adherence to correct processes
  • Flexibility in handling client needs

Chatbots handle routine requests such as updating address information. Complex requests and potential regulatory issues are handed over to the account manager.

As the account manager chats with a client, they are supported by intelligent agents. These agents automatically identify potential regulatory issues, file information, suggest resources from related systems, and more.

How does Flowable Engage benefit you?

Turn compliance risk into opportunity

Clients demand the convenience of chat, while regulators demand compliance. Flowable Engage allows platforms such as WhatsApp to be compliantly and safely integrated into your infrastructure and service offerings.

Deliver amazing client experiences

Flowable Engage delivers the optimal client experience for modern banking by combining the responsiveness of chat and automated services, with the expertise of a real human working at a real bank.

“The majority of wealth managers believe that digital services are more important to the next generation of clients than the current investor base. However, 32% of wealth managers believe it is equally important, which shows that targeting digital services exclusively at the younger demographic will be self-defeating for wealth managers.”

— Sergel Woldemichael, Wealth Management Analyst at GlobalData

Augment your account managers

While clients are chatting with their account manager, Flowable Engage is helping in the background by providing AI-powered support such as identifying potential regulatory issues, filing information, and fetching resources from related systems.

Automate for efficiency & savings

As regulations become more complex and niche competitors emerge, it’s challenging to serve clients at the right margins. Flowable Engage lets you provide automated service in a compliance-aware way, giving your clients more convenience and saving your staff time.

Conversational Banking use cases in action

Blend chatbot service with personalized service

See how Flowable Engage lets clients easily start with automated service from chatbots and then transition to an account manager for more complex service needs.

Video (~2 minutes)

Make online on-boarding attractive and easy

Make routine tasks such as on-boarding  part of your overall brand experience with Flowable’s Form Wizard. It’s easy to use and produces great results.

Video (~1 minute)

In-chat automated support for account managers

When a client changes jurisdictions, Flowable Engage helps account manager meet regulatory requirements while still providing quick, accurate service.

Video (~3 minutes)

Go deep into Conversational Banking and Flowable Engage

Watch our award-winning presentation from bpmNEXT 2019. Flowable founders Micha Kiener and Paul Holmes-Higgin discuss the trouble with chatbot adoption, show how case management and business process management can help, and then demo Conversational Banking scenarios, including:

  • Providing automated service with a mix of chatbots, case management and process management
  • Smart transfer of clients between a chatbot and an account manager
  • Filtering chat content through compliance, data leakage and bad language systems
  • Supporting account managers with automated agents


Revolutionize your bank with Conversational Banking and Flowable Engage 

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Conversational Banking is just one way to turn your core strengths into a digital advantage.

Flowable Engage gives you a broad and deep set of capabilities to help you transform your bank into a digital powerhouse. Talk to us and learn more about the possibilities of the platform.