Enterprise Content Services

Work with files and documents in Flowable with the services you expect from Enterprise Content Services.  Define content models and store files in a content library. Generate documents from templates.

Content Models

Creating a content model can be as easy as defining a form to collect the metadata or properties you want to store for a given type of content.  Properties for content can be requested when files are uploaded into Flowable, as part of a pask or just as an attachment to a case or process.  Have full control over what content types are available for a user to choose, require specific types at given stages in a case or process.  If a content type has required properties, then these are enforced as part of any form that displays the attached content.

Document Generation

Create new documents by substituing information from your ptrocesss or case into a document template.  Start with a template document in Microsoft Word or PDF that contains placeholders for information that is collected or collated by a process, then generate a filled out Microsoft Word or PDF document as part of the process.  This document can then be passed to other steps to email out, or filed in Flowable’s built-in Content Library, or published to an external system.  The replacement of information in the document can include images, repeating lists of information, or different content based of conditions being met.

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