Understanding what’s happened.

Flowable’s applications keep a rich set of historical details of what has happened in a case or process. Different views of this gives users the information they need to understand the context they are in: to see what tasks and decisions have been completed.

Understanding decisions

To understand the outcome of rules that have been run as part of a Decision Table, a visual audit is provided that shows exactly how the rules were evaluated given their inputs.

See what was entered in previous task forms

The case and process audit views allow you to view a completed form, so you can see exactly what was entered. This can help understand how the case or process has progressed and also glean additional context to help move things forward more efficiently.

Inspect all completed tasks

You can see all the tasks that have been completed as part of a process or case.  If you would like even more detail, there’s an Audit view that gives the fine detail of the execution of that specific case or process.  Everything you need to understand about how the current state has been reached is available, with quick navigation across completed activities and active tasks.

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