Know what’s happened

Flowable’s applications keep a rich set of historical details of what has happened in a case or process. Different views let you understand both the big picture and the specific details.

Understand decisions

Decision tables have visual audits that show how a decision was made based on the input provided and the rules that were evaluated.

See completed forms

The case and process audit views allow you to view a completed form (and not just the data from the form), so you can see exactly what was entered. This gives the details and context needed to understand how a case or process has progressed over time.

Inspect completed tasks

You can see all the tasks that have been completed as part of a process or case.  If you would like even more detail, there’s an audit view that gives the fine detail of the execution for a specific case or process.

Everything you need to understand about how the current state has been reached is available, with quick navigation across completed activities and active tasks.

Talk to us about your auditing needs

Auditing requirement can vary widely between industries and use cases. Drop us a note about your specific requirements and we’d be happy to discuss.