The latest release of the Flowable Open Source engines brings a range of major enhancements that ripple through the Flowable Product range.  There’s been particular focus on additional audit capabilities as well as major improvements to engine queries.

This release builds on work that was started in the previous release back in October, which laid some of the technical groundwork necessary for the innovations we have been planning for a while.  One of the most significant being the process migration service. With the new release, we can perform process migrations that make Flowable a leader in its class.  Migrate instances with call activities, nested subprocesses and multi-instance activities among other complex but common BPMN constructs.

A new data source allows all the historic data about active processes and cases to be retrieved without having to go to the full historic data source (which may contain millions of completed process instances).  This means you no longer have to compromise on how you store historic data, or worry about pruning history to keep performace as sharp as possible.  There’s another new data source that provides effiecient querying of nested case and process hierarchies.  Of course, knowing exactly what’s been done as part of a case or process execution is critical for understanding or validating business performance. New audit data recorded includes full details of sequence flows and user / human tasks changes.

There’s a swathe of improvements to the CMMN engine that bring it to the same expressive power and performance as the BPMN engine.  As well as adding our unique dynamic instance manipulation, there’s enhancements driven by the real-world scenarios our customers are facing.

Finally, there’s wider support for our existing muti-tenancy capabilities, including cross-tenant models, and imporved tenant-based queries for a range of information from all the engines.

Find the Open Source release on GitHub.


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