Flowable one is a highly versatile product and it can be used in many different ways. Some users utilize it simply as an out-of-the-box case management design and run tool.

For others, Flowable one is also a framework that allows them to implement customized functionalities and interfaces. For them, setting up a code project based on Flowable one with all the necessary dependencies and configuration options was really difficult – at least until now…

Flowable one starter is a library that allows you to integrate Flowable one into your Maven or Gradle web project with minimal effort. Additionally, it provides the following sophisticated features, which were specially designed to support you in creating your own personalized Flowable one instance.

All-in-one JAR dependency

All you need to do to implement Flowable one into your Maven or Gradle web project is to add the edoras-one-starter dependency. This includes all the required transitive dependencies and it adds itself automatically into the web configuration using modern 3.0 Servlet features.

Convention over configuration

Flowable one starter runs straight out of the box. There is no need to dive deep into multiple XML and property files anymore just to get it running. All you need to do is configure the changes you want to apply.

YAML-style configuration files

YAML (http://www.yaml.org) is a powerful replacement for the classic properties files. It introduces hierarchical namespaces and listing features that make configuration files much more readable.

Logback logging

The newly introduced Logback logging system provides an easy-to-read and color-coded logging report and defined extension points that you can use to configure your own logging requirements, such as a customized format or output to rolling files. The Operator Dashboard Logback Plugin even allows you to reconfigure logging at run time.


The edoras-one-starter-test dependency allows you to create unit and integration tests easily based on Flowable one functionality using the EdorasJUnit4ClassRunner and appropriate annotations, which allow logins to an app deployment for tests.

Executable JAR

Sometimes you want your customized Flowable one instance as a deployment-independent application on a memory stick or a microservice environment. This is where the executable JAR features are really useful. You can package Flowable one as an executable JAR file with an embedded Tomcat server that can be easily started from the console.

Along with these major features, there are many handy enhancements that will make your life as an Flowable one developer much easier. These include environment-dependent configuration files, simple database configuration, enhanced configuration logging, etc. etc.

Start using Flowable one starter with the Initializr

To get started quickly and smoothly with edoras-one-starter, we have also introduced the Flowable one Initializr. This edoras-one-starter bootstrap application can be found here:


Just provide the group ID, artifact ID, and short name, and the Initializr will create your Maven- or Gradle-based Flowable one starter project. It will be ready for you to run or reconfigured according to your own needs. Check the created REAME.md file for further instructions.

Now, you can set up an Flowable one project faster than you can drink your morning coffee.

written by Roger Villars, Solution Consultant @edorasware

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