Appointment making should be fast, easy, and real-time, but manual processes, old-fashioned web forms, and slow response times can reduce conversions and damage customer experiences. Flowable lets you offer appointments in real time without human intervention. It also lets you automate routine tasks such as qualifying customers, doing KYC, following up on meetings, and much more.

Boost conversion rates

Streamline the entire meeting process from beginning to middle to end. Use a combination of automation, case management, and process management to help prospects quickly and easily go from curious to converted.

Meet better qualified customers

Qualify prospects with automated processes before they book meetings, so that you can save time for your customers and your staff. You can ensure eligibility, request needed documents, and perform other routine tasks before an account manager is ever involved.

Make appointments in real time

Offer people appointment slots in real time, when they are ready to commit to a meeting. Behind the scenes, Flowable’s platform generates potential appointment times by checking the availability of qualified staff across all suitable locations.

Deliver great customer experiences

Great customer experiences need to seamlessly flow across online and offline channels. Flowable’s rich feature set lets you deliver online experiences that are as good as your offline experiences and that meet the high expectations of modern digital consumers.

Rise above the competition

Competition for new customers is intense, but even so, most banks still use old-fashioned forms and call backs. You can set your bank apart with automated appointment management that’s backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), case management, and other powerful tools that let you deliver better customer experiences and that give you a new 1-to-1 channel for customers.

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How Does It Work?

Let’s take a common use case: someone visits your website and clicks the “Book a meeting” link. They are directed to a smart form that incrementally collects information from them. They might first be asked for a broad meeting location, such as a particular city or state. Based on their answer, they’d then be presented with a list of available topics for meetings in that region. Each step guides them towards a meeting on the right topic with the right person at a suitable place and time. Along the way, they’re shown just what’s needed, keeping the experience clear and easy-to-follow.

In the background, Flowable is querying your bank’s systems for the information needed. At one stage, this might be checking staff availability in their calendars. In a later phase, it might be communicating with your KYC systems to request additional information from the customer before a meeting can be finalized.  If needed, Flowable can also hand the customer off to other systems, such as chatbots or to support staff. This flexibility lets you efficiently deliver customer experiences that set you apart from your competitors. Once the appointment is booked, Flowable can keep supporting the process with automated services such as reminders and checklists sent before meetings and followup messages sent after meetings.

At any point in the process, your staff can use Flowable through a private interface. They have access to additional features and information that helps them efficiently provide better service.

Key Capabilities

Adapts to your organization

Customize processes to match how your bank operates. Work across global, national, and regional business units. Offer meetings with specific advisors or from a pool of advisors. Choose centralized or de-centralized administration.

Provides multi-channel service

Client advisors and customer service agents use Flowable through a private interface with additional features. They gain a comprehensive overview of a particular case while providing service in-person, on the phone, or through other channels.

Enables Conversational Banking

Automated appointment making is a step towards full conversational banking. Conversational banking lets you offer clients great service via major chat platforms (including WhatsApp and WeChat) while reducing costs, saving time, and staying compliant.



Prospects and customers can make, change, or cancel appointments without needing staff support via your bank’s website, e-banking service, mobile app, or chat platform. They can also complete other routine tasks without needing staff support.


Saves staff time

In additional to enabling self-service, the system also saves valuable staff time by automating routine tasks like pre-meeting qualification, KYC checks, sending meeting confirmations and reminders, and much more.


Improves compliance

Identify potential compliance risks and ensure that customers meet regulatory requirements before a meeting takes place. In addition, auditing features facilitate compulsory contact note and report creation.


Integrates with your IT

Works with major enterprise calendaring and mail systems (such as Exchange Server and G Suite) and can integrate with your CRM and other front- and back-office systems.


Provides metrics and reports

Improve measurability and efficiency with an overview of appointments made and their outcomes, as well as getting reports on aspects like task completion and process use.


Offers multi-language service

Provide service to customers and staff in the languages that your bank operates in.


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