Quickly find where you’re feeling the heat

Choose to look at how processes are performing in terms of hotspots in volume or time taken to complete. Shown in graphical heatmaps with temperature gradient overlaid on the process diagrams, it is very quick to see where in a process there may be opportunities to improve.

Task metrics

Use pie, area and line charts to display performance data aggregated by hour, day, week, month or year. Slice the data by time periods or specific cases and processes, or review performance across all tasks whatever their source.


Process metrics

Explore the overall performance of processes through charts of the number of process instances that have been started in a given window of time. Also, drill into the time taken by the processes overall. If you want to see more detail, show charts that cover the performance of all steps in a process.

Case metrics

Slice case performance data in different ways and display as charts. As well as overall performance of cases, explore them by their stages for more detailed discovery.